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Seekho is a Hindi word that means acquiring new understanding, knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences.
सीखो Meaning in (English: Learn; Arabic: يَتَعَلَّم; Portuguese: Aprender; Japanese: 学ぶ; Russian: Учить)

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Industry Expertise

Seasoned professionals lead the way in ESG, Sustainability, & Climate Risk.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Choose from various learning paths to fit your knowledge & needs.


Actionable Learning

Learn Frameworks, Tools, & Strategies to implement immediately.


Real-World Case Studies

Gain valuable lessons from how companies tackle ESG challenges.


Stay Updated

The evolving curriculum reflects latest ESG trends and best practices.


Community of Learners

Network with sustainability professionals through our online platform.

Key Benefits of Seekho

Master the latest ESG, Sustainability & Climate Risk challenges: Up-to-date Training Courses for Business Professionals & Students

Unlocks new career opportunities
Enhance your skillset
Foster personal growth
Demonstrate sustainability commitment
Increase your reputation
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A level that fits you

In today's competitive market, mastering ESG is no longer optional – it's essential for success. Seekho empowers you to stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive ESG learning paths.

Introductory Level

  • ESG concepts for beginners, managers & executives
  • Foundation of ESG principles
  • SMEs adopting sustainability into their operations
  • Executives starting ESG and decarbonization

Intermediate Level

  • Managers overseeing ESG initiatives
  • Professionals in ESG reporting & management.
  • Sustainability coordinators seeking expertise
  • Consultants or advisors developing ESG strategies

Advanced Level

  • Executives managing ESG strategy
  • Experienced ESG specialists or consultants
  • Professionals exploring advanced ESG trends
  • ESG-focused investors & financial experts

Meet Our Experts

Jitesh Shetty

Founder & CEO at Credibl

Jitesh, a serial software entrepreneur with deep expertise in ESG and sustainability, has built and scaled products, teams, and businesses for over two decades, fostering a culture of agile iteration.

Aaroh Dhoundiyal

Chief of Staff at Credibl

Aaroh specializes in sustainability consulting and ESG strategy, and also has experience in product design. He empowers innovation and responsibility by leveraging his ESG and sustainability insights.

Seekho by Credibl: Sustainable Action Starts with Learning

Seekho empowers you to tackle environmental and social challenges with our comprehensive ESG training.

  • Curriculum Built on Global Standards
  • Insights from 100+ Satisfied Customers
  • Gain Up-to-Date Knowledge
  • Drive Impactful Change
  • Learning Paths for All Levels
  • Become a Sustainability Champion

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